Parent Consultation & Coaching

Parenting in today's culture can be extremely challenging and isolating.  Not only are there expectations as a parent, there are also expectations for your child as soon as they are able to interact with others.   Parent Consultation and Coaching will allow you the space to understand your challenges as a parent and how to support your child through their own struggles in their day to day life, whether at home or at school.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling includes children, adolescents or adults struggling with, but not limited to, concerns with depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, relationships, identity, and behavioral concerns.  Through individual counseling, one can begin explore these issues and how these issues have impacted their life.

Maren Williams Psychotherapy

Insurance Accepted

I am currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield, and I am an Out-Of-Network Provider for United.  Sliding Scale Fees are available.

I accept cash, check, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.

Family Counseling

Strengthening or repairing relationships can be difficult and overwhelming, some may even not want to try.  We may not even know what our needs are.  Therapy can provide the necessary space to explore our relationships and our roles within our relationships, gaining insights, strengthening and making repairs along the way.  

​Play Therapy​​

Play therapy is a preferred method of treatment for young children ages ranging from 3 to approximately 8 years of age.  Developmentally children in this category primarily communicate through play, abstract concepts can be difficult to formulate and communicate verbally for young children.  Play therapy uses the tools that children utilize in their everyday world: toys, arts, music, and crafts to help children express and process any issues they are struggling with.  The goal of play therapy is for the child to develop more adaptive behaviors and create a space for healing.